“Brings Me Back to Reality”

“I want to thank you for the Choice of Forgiveness CD and the greatness it has done for me! I had made a decision to stay with a man who had betrayed my trust, but although I was still with him, deep inside, I had not forgiven him for this betrayal and I reached a point of desperation to free me of these unforgiving feelings.

“I purchased the CD and listen to it on my drive to work every morning. It is a great way to ensure the rest of the day I will not feel a weight of this past pain I felt/feel. I am still in the process of forgiving, but every time I start to feel like the victim or upset, I listen to it and it brings me back to reality.

“It’s almost like that best friend that gives you a pep talk when you are doubting yourself. I know I will be using it for a while and lending it to others who need healing.”

Melissa Carter, Pasadena, CA 91103

“Incredible Sense of Peace”

“Since I have only been using the Choice of Forgiveness CD for about 3 weeks, I don’t know what the long term effect will be. However, the effect I have experienced with the CD was almost immediate and dramatic.

“I feel an incredible sense of peace, and physical healing that I was beginning to think I would ever experience.

“I am very grateful to Thomas Herold and your organization for the work you’re doing.”

Joseph Walton, Nashville, TN 37206

“I Am Deeply Moved…”

“The Choice of Forgiveness CD opened my heart and soul, and it transported me to the deep well of love inside of me.

“When love is flowing, everything else comes to rest. This CD opens the door to the place where only love resides. Ever time I play the CD I am deeply moved and feel cared for. It brings me to a place of total acceptance and joy.

“The music and the voices resonates pure acceptance and feel like a warm blanket wrapped around you. I highly recommend this CD for everyone because it makes you realize that forgiveness is the greatest gift you give to yourself.

“Thank you so much for sharing this absolutely beautiful CD with the world.”

Saskia Roell, Life Coach

“I Felt Full of Acceptance”

“After going through your Choice of Forgiveness course, things came up for me that I had thought I had worked out long ago.

“My heart opened to the old feelings of abandonment, and before I was aware of it, I was crying. It was all subliminal feelings that worked their way to the surface, once again.

“Very interesting, and surprising, but helpful. I found that my being felt light and very soft, as if there was an opening that had not been there before. I also felt full of acceptance.”

Carol Fregoso, Santa Rosa, CA

“I Feel Lighter…”

“For three weeks, I listened to the Choice of Forgiveness CD every day. Things came up that I had forgotten and I noticed them and let them go.

“I feel my path is cleaner and tidier now. I am ready for new opportunities and good stuff to happen and come into my life. I feel lighter and more content. My new business is doing better and I keep getting new ideas.

“My interactions with others are smoother and I can see other’s point of view a little easier as well. Thank you for this gift.”

Rhonda Lee, 94952 Petaluma CA

“I Feel So Much Happier”

“Remarkable! This book and CD course are the best thing I have ever bought for myself in my life. If only I could find words for the depth of gratitude I feel toward Dream Manifesto.

“Yes, I am amazed at how this program helps me release my core issues effortlessly and quickly. It directly dissolves my true cause. And it feels so liberating to be able to exercise my will power more and more and gain a sense of ownership of my life.

“I feel lighter and feel blessed to finally move forward. In short, I feel so much happier. ‘The Choice of Forgivess’ is priceless. May you be victorious!”

Wendy Chai, Union City 94587, CA

“I Recommend This Program”

“I recommend this book/CD program to anyone who needs to forgive someone or something.

“It is amazing how wonderful we feel when that weight has been lifted off our shoulders. And forgiving can become an true art, which can help to free us all.

“It demands a great deal from us, but ‘The Choice of Forgiveness’ is by far the greatest way to learn how to forgive. Its simple: just persist and use it on a regular basis.”

Elizabeth Prata, Brossard, QC J4Z 3R2

“Softening My Heart”

“For the past two weeks, on a daily basis, I have been utilizing your forgiveness CD.

“I first want to thank you for your good work, and express my appreciation for your commitment in contributing to the betterment of the collective. My experience almost from the very first time listening was a softening of my heart and an alignment with the paradigm of opening and being in the splendor of the moment.

“My own life has been more focused on the possibility of the moment and living in a place of more expansiveness.

“I felt as if I was participating in a gentle mantra that kept me focused on breathing and — without benefit of even naming what I might be holding onto — I was able to just let it pass through me. Like a sweet and familiar companion, I have been resonant with your words and message.”

Jane Ferraro, 33322 Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“Highly Recommended”

“If you are looking to find forgiveness in your life, go no further. This powerful program will take you straight to a place of peace and acceptance.

“A very high quality product. Fantastic job – highly recommended!”

Karl Moore, Durham, UK

“Beautiful CD”

“I listened to one of the beautiful CDs from your course, ‘The Choice of Forgiveness’. It supported my transformation from feeling frustrated and wound up… to letting go and softening my attitude.”

Dhyan S. Weiner, Kula, HI 96790

“Highly Recommended”

“Of all the people you know now or have known in the past, how many people who’ve done you wrong in some fashion have you forgiven and how many have remained un-forgiven?

“Are you yourself one of the latter group? This marvelous CD reveals the most powerful steps we can take to free our hearts and minds from the shackles of blame, guilt, and anger. Highly recommended.”

Tim B. Thompson, Orange County, CA USA

“Love Pours Into Me”

“Every time I listen to the Forgiveness CD, I am transported to the inside of a big cathedral, sitting in one of the pews, alone but supported.

“Love pours into me. I was particularly struck by the message “I decide what I want to do with my life.” Images of the past bubble up to the surface ~ when as a young person, I had felt powerless and unsupported in my desire to take the reins of my life.

“I recommend the Forgiveness CD to draw compassion to who we were, and who we are in the present: strong and free to choose what we want for ourselves.”

Durga Hampton, Petaluma, CA 94952

“I am in Control Now”

“I had already tried other downloads that I had to pay for, but failed to get relief.

“I sent for the Choice of Forgiveness course, and the downloads that came with it. I began to listen to the CD every night when I went to bed.  Within the first week of this year, my life began to change.

“Positive things were happening physically, but most importantly, the power I felt from the sense that life was now in my control was the greatest feeling.

“I have learned how to look at life and the negative things that come with it entirely differently.  I just wish that everyone knew how to think this way.

“Our world would be a much better place if forgiveness was a larger part of our lives and if each one of us could lay down our indifferences, accept our differences, and move on with an attitude of positive outcome.

“Thank you, Dream Manifesto, for such a small thing that made such a huge change in my life.”

Eva T. Ruiz, Channahon, IL 60410