The Choice of Forgiveness Team

Founder & CEO Aviva S. Engel

Aviva EngelI was born in New York. After the birth experience of my first child, I realized how crucial it was for my new family, myself and humanity in general, that bringing new life into the world always happens consciously, and in a loving, supportive environment.

Prompted by deep inner urgings, I moved to the West Coast where I studied and practiced midwifery in California. Witnessing so many births awakened me to the mystery and miracle of life in all its forms and I felt blessed beyond measure.

My life proceeded on this course for a time, and I felt deeply grateful to play a part in such basic human needs as human birthing and nurture. The work was good and I was content. Later, I was fortunate to work with Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, whose fascinating discoveries on death and dying paralleled my own interest in birth and living. It was Elizabeth who introduced myself to the concept of forgiveness and the role it plays in the quality of our lives.

My life has been a quest for meaning in the realm between birth and death. Many side journeys have provided wonderful sojourns, but my heart and mind always keeps coming back to these two extremes of beginnings and endings.

After moving to Maui, my path veered towards creation in another form — art — and I became an avid experimenter in printmaking, poetry and other ways of expressing the ancient wisdom of birth and creativity.

Today, my dreams are once again unfolding in California, where my husband Thomas and I have re-attuned our focus on consciousness and the creation process by helping others express their own dreams in creative ways.

Over the many years we have been here, we have created our own dream lives, and helped many hundreds of others through our coaching business. We also since created the Dream Manifestation Kit and the Choice of Forgiveness course.

Aviva S. Engel

Founder & CEO Thomas Herold

The early death of my father was the starting point on my quest for life’s answers. I became near-addicted to solving the puzzle. Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is love? Where did the universe come from, and where is it going? Most important of all: Who is this “me” that obviously has an effect on this world; or, does the world affect me?

After studying computer electronics, I founded my first company, which produced astrology software. People told me “there is no market,” and I “should better get a job.” However, I had my dream; and after 7 years, the company made a seven figure profit. Working in my own company allowed me to educate myself further, and to lead seminars and workshops about exploring consciousness throughout Europe.

The next steps on the quest led me to Hawaii. This had a profound impact in my life, as I learned to get out of my head and feel life – what a difference! However, apparently I had asked for an even more dramatic lesson; after three years I had a total breakdown. I spiraled down to “lose” everything, and from that experience, gained a fundamental insight into the nature of existence.

Moving forward, and I found my lovely wife Aviva. We both moved to California, and the time came to fulfill another dream: supporting you on your life’s quest, by helping you to fulfill your own greatest goals and visions. Since moving here, we have worked creating our own dream lives, and helped hundreds of our coaching clients achieve their ambitions.

We have also created two programs to help support the personal growth of our online customers, with the Dream Manifestation Kit, and the Choice of Forgiveness course.

Thomas Herold